My Influences and Process

I have always had a fascination for fine intricate structures especially those found in the natural world such as twisted and contorted tree branches, fine root systems or delicate spiders cobwebs. I also admire manmade delicate structures such as intricate lace, fine open weave fabrics or fragile lattice metalwork.

I like the interplay between the positive and negative spaces; the way light shines through the gaps and spaces between the structures creating their shadows and patterns. I particularly like the idea that something so fragile and delicate by the nature of its woven construction creates an added strength and resilience.
Qualities I would like to show in my work are translucency, fluidity and light.

My Ceramics have developed over the past 5 years from my fine spun porcelain platters of my degree work to developing a range of porcelain tableware thrown on the potters wheel.

After attending an inspiring ‘Watercolour on Porcelain’ workshop at La Meridiana School of pottery in Tuscany, Italy in summer 2018 with John Shirley I am developing a new range of vessels decorated using water-etched and metallic salts. These vessels are still a work in progress but I am pleased with my first results using these unusual decorative techniques.

Pottery Teaching

I am now teaching pottery from my pretty garden studio on the outskirts of Farnham.

My pottery studio will comfortably accommodate up to 5 adults/ or 6 children in group classes or I can teach one-to one lessons for those who want a more intense class.

My Pottery workshops cover all the many ways of making pottery:

Hand-building : that include pinch pots, coil pots and slab building
Throwing on the Wheel, from beginners to those with some experience.

I can accommodate 2 students for my throwing classes.

A one off Introductory throwing class of 2 hours is £30.00,  3 hour courses are £75.00,

6 hour courses £150.00

Prices vary for my other classes depending on the time they run and how many people attend the lesson.

Please contact me for current courses and prices.