I have enjoyed working with my hands for as long as I could remember. In my first job in social work I was employed with children in residential care homes I was able to engage the children from an early age in enjoying making with their hands. I later trained as in teacher in further ED and Adult learning and this led me to teach people of all ages, creeds and backgrounds.

I have taught all manner of craft subjects over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed passing my skills on to others. One of my most rewarding jobs was working as an Art Teacher in a Day Centre for Adults with special needs from 18 to 60 years.


Pottery Teaching

I am now teaching pottery from my garden studio on the outskirts of Farnham.

My pottery studio will comfortably accommodate up to 5 adults/ or 6 children in group classes or I can teach one-to one lessons for those who want a more intense class.

My classes cover all the many ways of making pottery:
Hand-building : that include pinch pots, coil pots and slab building
Sculpting with clay: ways of building clay using armatures and supports
Throwing on the Wheel, from beginners to those with some experience
Prices vary for my classes depending on the time they run and how many people attend the lesson.

Please contact me for current courses and prices.


My Influences and Process

I have always had a fascination for fine intricate structures especially those found in the natural world such as twisted and contorted tree branches, fine root systems or delicate spiders cobwebs. I also admire manmade delicate structures such as intricate lace, fine open weave fabrics or fragile lattice metalwork.

I like the interplay between the positive and negative spaces; the way light shines through the gaps and spaces between the structures creating their shadows and patterns. I particularly like the idea that something so fragile and delicate by the nature of its woven construction creates an added strength and resilience.
Qualities I would like to show in my work are fine, light open weave lacelike structures incorporating translucency, fluidity and light. The concept behind my present lace platters is ‘Vulnerability and fragility with an inner core of strength’.

My processes have taken time to develop and these include the development of my own porcelain slip recipe with various additional materials and oxides. Experimenting with adding cellulose to my large plaster casts to make them lighter to handle and the development of large refractory setters to support my fragile platters in the kiln. I am at present redeveloping my spun porcelain recipe, adding colour and new designs, watch this space!

All new images of my work will be appearing on my Facebook page.